Back in 2019...

We asked ourselves a simple question: What if every consultant could work on their own terms and if every client could find the perfect consultant without searching, in a matter of hours, at a fair price?

After all, we live in the instant-everything era. One shouldn’t have to spend a full week or month researching, calling, comparing and engaging consultants whenever they are needed. So we set out to make that easier.

Then in 2020, the novel coronavirus pandemic struck. With that came a worldwide disruption in how business was done.


This is our story

Millions of top talent were left with either reduced salaries or no employment as a result of the pandemic. The ones still with employment had to quickly adapt to remote working. Having tasted the effectiveness of working from home, digitally-savvy millennial consultants yearned for true work-life balance. Buoyed by emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, the time was never better to disrupt the age-old consulting industry.


With companies reducing budgets and trimming costs, the market needed transparent, agile and cost-effective solutions. We believed (and still do) that bringing a platform like to companies, would put them fully in the driver’s seat, accelerate in-house knowledge building, improve their agility, access talent faster and above all achieve better results.


But you want to know what really gets us out of bed in the morning?

Our strong passion and belief in helping people. Business Analysts. Management Consultants. IT Gurus. Developers. Marketing Specialists. Researchers and many other professionals. Individuals who take what they’re great at and turn it into something greater. These individuals are the fathers worried about feeding their families. Busy moms trying to balance life. Talented individuals with a desire to make a better living.

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We are building more than a product. We’re building communities and stronger economies. We are levelling the playing field so that even the smallest of consultants has a fair shot at success in a world dominated by bigger consultants.

The future of work is bigger than Johannesburg, Nairobi, Lagos or Cairo. Its heart lies in every city, province and country throughout Africa. The rise of the gig economy in Africa will drive the future of employment. No geographical boundaries. Flexibility. Freedom to think differently. Faster Innovation.

This is what the future looks like. And we’re building it together.

We are Team Talanta.