The Kukua School of Leadership by is our academy for customized educational programs for leaders at all levels. We partner with leading South African business schools, industry experts, and renowned thought-leaders to deliver unique, forward-looking programs. As a result, we help business leaders make better-informed decisions in an increasingly complex world.

Kukua (Ku-Koo-Wah) means “Grow” in Kiswahili, Africa’s most widely spoken native language. We partner with business leaders to grow by combining our firm’s extensive and strategic experience with our intellectual property depth to increase leadership abilities in organizations.

Advance. Adapt. Expand.

Our Mission

Kukua’s mission is to deliver innovative, value-driven, and flexible training solutions aligned to the specific needs of leaders seeking professional development.

Why Us?

  • Outcomes Based Design. An immersive cohort-based learning experience designed to optimize learning outcomes and ensure global networking opportunities.
  • Real World Impact. Courses are tailored to address today’s organizational issues and opportunities so that participants can make effective decisions to impact change.

Our Programs

The Training offered by the Kukua School of Leadership centers on Business Analysis, practice awareness, skills improvement, and exam preparation. In turn, the training assists participants in being ready and competent to pass the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) exams. This training course meets IIBA Professional Development Units (PDU) requirements for the following qualifications:

  • Certificate in Business Analysis – ECBA (3-day course) The targeted audience is participants with no prior Business Analysis experience. These participants have no business analysis training but seek a better understanding of business analysis and a Business Analyst’s role.
  • Certification of Capability in Business Analysis – CCBA or Certified Business Analysis Professional – CBAP (4-day course) This course is for participants who meet the IIBA set criteria to sit for the CCBA/CBAP exam. This course provides approved overall 35 PDUs, enough to apply for the CCBA/CBAP certification.
  • Agile Training (3-day course) This course is for Project Stakeholders at any level. The various levels include Project Sponsors and Project Team members, e.g., Project Managers, Developers, Testers, and Business Analysts.After the Training, delegates will be able to:Identify the unifying themes of Agile and the four components of its value proposition. Understand the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto. Implement agile principles in product development and project management. Utilize the essential elements of two primary agile methodologies, Scrum and Kanban, in their day-to-day role. Develop, prioritize, and maintain a product backlog. Use agile estimating processes and techniques to plan a project from beginning to end. Create and decompose user stories to iteratively build a product solution. Use low-tech, high-touch tools to track progress and radiate project information. Conduct iteration reviews and retrospectives to improve the team’s processes and practices continuously
  • Agile Coaching. The Kukua School of Leadership will provide ongoing coaching sessions after the 3-day course. These are essential as they help address real-life problems project teams face, thus improving their Agile journey.

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The various development programs are for graduates to help them develop the necessary skills to support workplace integration. The programs can also be tailored to form part of an internship. Additionally, they are excellent programs for participants earmarked for future leadership roles. The various offerings under the JLDP include:

  • Accelerated Graduate Development (AGD) Programme. This course aims to provide complementary foundation business skills and accelerate the general competencies of recent graduates upon induction into corporate graduate training programs.
  • Emerging Leader Development (ELD) Programme. This program targets emerging leaders to learn the basics of leading and managing teams. These leaders also hone their skills to think systematically and logically about problem-solving.
  • Future Leaders Development (FLD) Programme. The FLD program is designed to assist new managers who want to understand all the different areas in a business and to adopt new and improved ways of managing themselves and others. It is combined with practical application by the employer to ensure maximum returns

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These programs focus on middle management development to help middle managers navigate complex problem solving, business acumen, and managing larger teams well. The offerings under the JLDP include:

  • Transitioning Leader Development (TLD) Programme. The TLD program addresses a new world of thinking. Among other things, it focuses on interaction with others and developing social intelligence in the workplace. It also touches on business communication and leadership in the digital era.
  • Management Development Programme (MDP). This customized Management Development Programme offers several electives and allows the choice of modules that an organization deems most relevant to its needs. It has a total of 14 teaching days, excluding Action Learning. The training includes psychometric assessment, face-face teaching, an action learning project, and syndicate work. The program is taught by a mix of full-time academics and sessional (industry experts/consultants/Praca-academics) lecturers, giving it relevance to the industry with a solid academic base.
  • New Managers Programme (NMP). This course aims to introduce new managers to business principles and competencies as an intervention to develop and enhance their management capabilities. In addition, it assists newly appointed managers and technical specialists who have moved into management positions.

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The targeted audience for these programs is senior leaders at organizations.

  • Advanced Leader Development (ALD) Programme. This course is for senior leaders/managers and executives who want to adapt and change their habits to improve the organization’s performance. These leaders seek holistic leadership development to manage cross-cultural teams effectively. Additionally, they seek to enhance relevant skills and competencies to remain flexible and agile during uncertain times while thinking strategically and driving innovation. The classes are half a day to accommodate these busy professionals.
  • Executive Development Programme (EDP). This course develops new and cutting-edge leadership competencies to enable informed, successful and agile leadership of divisions and organizations both now and into the future. It challenges established thinking and ways of operating, enhancing the ability of executives to lead African businesses in the global market.The Executive Development Programme is based on the Thinking, Culture, and Leadership (TCL) Framework and covers three (3) broad areas as the core. Electives build on the core foundation in strategic results and key managerial competencies. Focus is given to business models, strategic methodologies, and the competing values framework.
  • Management Advancement Programme for Future ChangeMakers. This short course aims to broaden the perspective of participants whose previous experience has mainly been in specialized areas. It also provides business owners the knowledge, skills, and techniques that will lead to more professional management and ensure their business’s growth and sustainability. It achieves this by developing the ability to make sound and informed decisions in the fourth industrial environment landscape. Additionally, it increases effectiveness in working with people of different cultures and values and awareness of the economic, political, and social factors affecting business management in the respective country, the continent, and globally.

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The targeted audience for these programs is first-line supervisors and staff members being groomed for supervisory roles or first-line management.

  • Supervisory Development (SD) Programme. This short course is aimed at supervisors whose role entails the addressing of challenges in a linear pathway while at the same time reflecting on the experience and things learned to diagnose emerging problems and initiate actions to prevent or overcome the issues identified. The short course is designed around four core integrators (Business communication, leadership, intra/entrepreneurship, and business growth). The program also includes an action learning project.
  • Managing and Leading People. The short course aims to assist managers and aspirant managers in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for people’s effective management and leadership.
  • Leading High-Performance Teams Programme. This course aims to lead teams to high performance by creating optimal motivational conditions through practical skills, techniques, and tools.

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This three and half day masterclass for today’s financial leaders is held at a resort from Sunday afternoon to Wednesday. It offers a holistic perspective of the financial complexities and leadership challenges that today’s financial leaders face while helping participants develop the knowledge and skills to be effective CFO. It is held once a year.
The MasterClass is crafted for professionals from diverse industries with a strong finance background. Individuals new to a CFO role or stepping into such a financial leadership role or with ambitions of doing so will benefit from the in-depth curriculum, expert facilitators, and invaluable networking opportunities. Attendance is limited to 50 participants only.

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Interact with current and former CEOs of top companies in Africa. This two and half day’s masterclass for today’s chief executives is held at a resort from Sunday to Tuesday. It allows them to step back from the rapid pace of daily business to reflect on the most pressing issues facing their companies while engaging with seasoned executives from distinct backgrounds, industries, and cultures.
Well-respected chief executives share what worked while leading their companies through significant change and what they would have done differently. Attendees leave with actionable insights from CEOs in the trenches and a richer perspective on macroeconomic trends, shareholder engagement, and strategic leadership.
This retreat is designed for both new and veteran CEOs from all industries. The program is limited to 50 attendees, who must be a sitting CEO or Chair or have been publicly announced as CEO or Chair designate. In addition, to further leverage the value and impact of The African CEO Academy, participants can bring a board member to attend at no additional charge.

Participants leave the program with an expanded peer network and powerful insights on leading their organizations while managing external pressures, from global competition to shareholder activism.

For more information, please get in touch with us at or book a call with us here Management Consultants as a responsible business hosts a series of annual business events for our clients and interested parties to learn, connect and share. In addition, our experts are always ready to share their experience, knowledge, and expertise in various areas.

Our highly customized short courses are designed according to the client’s needs. The design models we apply align with your firm’s strategic objectives, enabling you to compete better in the marketplace. These cover topics ranging from Strategy, Marketing and Sales, Finance, Digitization and Innovation, Personal and Organizational Effectiveness, Coaching Facilitation, and Mentorship.

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