Africa. Home to over 1.2 Billion people. A continent of 54 countries. A continent of complex diversity and potential. A continent of opportunity.

Our Focus

We live in volatile and rapidly changing times. Every one of us faces an increasing number of complex risks and challenges. Technologies are developing faster than ever and disrupting industries. Populations are growing, our climate is changing, geopolitical tensions are rising, and more competition and slower global growth are challenging many businesses. While growth is necessary for organizations andeconomies  to survive and thrive, pertinent questions arise:

  • How can the future of development be both sustainable and inclusive?
  • While achieving development will be challenging, how can these ambitions be met?
  • What are the ways to maximize operational efficiencies?
  • How can we make better-informed decisions to help our continent? Management Consultants can help. Our broad transformation offerings allow clients to flip the odds to achieve extraordinary results for their organizations. Our transformation approaches are underpinned by proprietary tools and technologies to enable real, sustained

Finding solutions requires innovation and collaboration within and across organizations—accelerating the ability to grow through advances in technology and capabilities, spurring innovation without damaging the planet, and bringing people together in equitable, inclusive ways.’s network of highly skilled, certified, multi-lingual African consultants have years of experience in adding real value to organizations and economies.

Our Work

African markets are highly dynamic, as more than a billion consumers undergo profound demographic and lifestyle changes. Our work in transformation zeroes in on the impact of change and what it means for innovation and strategy. We help our clients:

  • Create change that matters, transformation enabled by technology and sustained through capabilities
  • Accelerate execution to achieve long-term performance improvement and measurable, bottom-line results
  • Grow faster than the market through cutting edge marketing, and sales
  • Develop a workforce that can thrive through disruption and build an organization fit for the future
  • Understand, prepare, and manage risks to ensure institutional resilience in an ever-changing world
  • Transform to reach net-zero by 2050, balanced with other sustainability goals and tailored to regional contexts
  • Manage stakeholder relations
  • Strengthen reputation and improve brand equity
  • Engage with public policy stakeholders


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