The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning for a particular Republic in East Africa was assessing the feasibility of a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) project.

The Challenge. The Republic needed to assure itself and potential bidders for the project that the government was in a position to support a final investment decision from a capability, process, and technology perspective.

How we helped. conducted an assessment of the readiness of the government to support the final investment decision. We focused on governmental structure, public models, and critical functional areas, including good development, site management, logistics, contracting and procurement, technology, data management, finance, public affairs, stakeholder relations, and human resources. We used benchmarking, leading practice reviews, and general readiness assessments to determine critical gaps and prioritize recommendations in each domain. Multiple workshops with Ministerial Task Teams allowed to facilitate agreement of priority areas, who held responsibility for them, and establish a Project Management Office specifically focused on readiness activities.

Value delivered. Following the review and the coordinated uptake of the list of recommendations, the Ministry achieved the final investment decision on schedule with the support of all joint venture participants.