The challenge. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a banking group in Africa wondered whether their way of work and learnings were still relevant and future-proof. In addition, the group felt an acute need to rethink their position. They needed to revolutionize their learning landscape, upskill and reskill their employees, strengthen long-term employability, and accelerate the creation of new jobs.

How we helped. put together the most diverse team of pan-African consultants spanning 13 countries to fully understand the point of departure and chart the most ambitious and relevant future direction. Extensive research was conducted to provide both internal and external perspectives. These included interviewing 100+ colleagues, surveying 500+ workers, analyzing relevant data, reviewing the existing learning landscape, and talking with thought leaders. recommended that the group place people at the center of their transformation based on these insights. We developed eight core pillars on which this transformation was to rest. considered the ongoing global trends shaping tomorrow’s economy – from societal and demographic changes to climate movements, technology, digitalization, and the nature of work itself.

Value delivered. The strategic initiatives that proposed are currently being implemented with the development of new learning academies and platforms pursued through mergers and acquisitions and internal action.