The Challenge. A leading African telecom company underwent a sizeable data-dependent transformation to become more innovative and customer-oriented. As a result, they needed a data governance program to elevate the customer experience, ensure regulatory compliance and improve business performance.

How we helped. With a focus on business impact, e.g., before, during, and after implementation, a top-down approach was taken for the program’s foundation, including data ownership and agreement in decision forums. However, a more operational process was introduced by rapidly building virtual end-to-end teams to balance and complement the top-down mindset. The methodology used involved:

  • Defining ownership types and accountability to ensure focus and commitment.
  • An end-to-end method to reveal improvement potential and reduce costly firefighting.
  • Categorizing data governance cases with evident business pains and using these as project drivers.
  • Securing permanent capabilities by parallel training and onboarding of internal resources.
  • Ensuring that Business, Enterprise Architecture, and IT are on board and have skin in the game.
  • Focusing the journey on business impact.

Value delivered. A positive financial impact case originating from 24 governance cases that were identified, prioritized, and launched was given to the company. also developed, adapted, and implanted a scalable data and information governance framework, including a balanced centralized setup to clarify roles and responsibilities between group functions and markets. Additionally, we identified top-priority data domains, identified and prioritized data issues, and established KPIs. Moreover, we helped define ownership, accountability, rules, and processes and onboarded business data owners and data drivers. Lastly, our team of consultants trained the organization to focus on impact and change management in project execution.